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Custom DNA Oligos: Order Now!

DNA oligonucleotides are synthesised in our high throughput production facility, using highly automated synthesiser technologies.
DNA oligos are available as purified oligos. Purifications can be performed either by our proprietary HPSF purification method, by HPLC or by PAGE purification.

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How Many Oligos Are You Ordering?

Custom Oligo 1

Sequence Name:
Sequence (5' to 3'):
Please indicate phosphorothioation by placing an asterisk in your sequence.
Example: ...TGCA*TTGC...

Important: Length calculation is based on standard bases and IUB wobbles only. Modifications are
not counted in the length calculation. Please review the sequence carefully to avoid frame shift.
Order Reverse Complement:

Normalization allows you to specify the dry oligo amount or aqueous oligo concentration and volume. If aqueous, please specify water or TE in the notes field below. If you would like Eurofins Genomics to ship all of the lyophilized oligo that was synthesized, select Ship All.
Normalization Requested:
Notes (Optional):

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