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De novo and Comparative Sequencing

Coverage sequencing or complete sequencing of unknown bacterial or fungal genomes or sequencing of metagenomes. After generating the draft data with the latest Genome Sequencer™ FLX Titanium technology, we offer scaffolding of contigs and gap closing based on Sanger technology. Comparative sequencing in combination with our Bioinformatic Services allows you to compare your strain of interest with known genomes.


  • Sequencing of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes of any size
  • Identification of organisms that have not been sequenced before
  • Deep insight into metagenomes
  • Comparison of wild type and mutant strains
  • Preparation for metabolic engineering and many other applications
  • Stepwise design of the project in close cooperation with you:

Phase I
Ultra high throughput sequencing with the GS FLX up to 15-20 fold coverage and automatic assembly

Phase II
Scaffolding of contigs by paired end sequencing with the GS FLX or alternatively by sequencing the ends of a large insert library by ABI technology and scaffolding by co-assembly of the data

Phase III
Closing of gaps either by means of primer design and sequencing by primer walking on selected clones, or sequencing PCR products of the genomic DNA

Phase IV
Bioinformatic analysis – e.g. annotation or strain comparison.

Your Advantages

  • Ultra high throughput of up to 1 million sequence reads in less than 10 hours
  • Sequence reads of 350-450 bases, resulting in up to 500 Mb of sequence data per run
  • No cloning needed for Genome Sequencer FLX sequencing
    - no cloning bias especially in AT rich regions
    - full stops in GC rich regions are avoided
    - very even distribution of sequence reads over the complete genome
    - no issues with pathogens or biohazards
    - bio security and bio safety is secured
  • Affordable re-sequencing option of production strains
  • Re-sequencing instead of other screening methods.
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