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Library Generation Services

Expert service to prepare sequencing libraries for use on specific sequencing platforms.

Illumina-platform Libraries

Our team of scientists delivers your library as an adapter-labeled DNA library ready for clustering on the
Illumina workstation. We’ll deliver a minimum of 50 µg total volume for each library.

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Illumina-platform Libraries

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The QC report for each 10 nM library includes:
  • Library molarity and concentration
  • Verification of 300 bp ± 50 bp avg insert size

Shotgun Library

Researcher supplied genomic DNA starting material -
  • Quantity: 20 µg purified genomic DNA,
  • Concentration: 50-100 ng/µL

mRNA-Seq Library

Researcher supplied total RNA starting material -
  • Quantity: 20 µg purified total RNA,
  • Concentration: 50-100 ng/µL
  • Quality: RIN ≥ 8 is recommended

ChIP-seq Library

Shotgun Libraries of genomes enriched with chromatin immuno-precipitation methods.
Researcher supplied starting material -
  • Quantity: 50 ng purified ChIP-enriched DNA,
  • Concentration: 5-10 ng/µL
  • Quality: Gel image of ChIP processed sample and pre-ChIP samples required.

Other libraries types

Eurofins Genomics offers a variety of library construction methods to suit your experimental needs.
Our services include generation of small RNA, amplicon prep, and normalized libraries for a variety of
standard and next-generation sequencing platforms. Please submit the Inquiry Form on this page and
one of our Genomic Services scientists will contact you for additional information.

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