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DNA Sequencing Services

From single reads to complete double strand sequences – Eurofins Genomics has the answer for all kind of DNA sequencing requirements.

With over 10 years experience in Sanger sequencing by using the latest state-of-the-art ABI 3730xl 96-capillary DNA Analyzers you can rely on high quality results in best possible time.

Value Read Tube

The Value Read Tube service is the service of choice for fast and reliable standard DNA sequencing reactions in tube format. It is highly automated to allow rapid processing of plasmids and PCR products. Sequencing results are delivered within 20 hours from receipt of your samples.
Samples can be sent as clones, un-purified PCR products and purified DNA.

  • 96 wells Plate Sequencing
  • For single read sequencing of plasmids and PCR products in 96well microtiter plates Eurofins Genomics offers the Value Read Plate DNA sequencing service. Samples can be sent as clones, un-purified PCR products and purified DNA. Plasmid DNA preparation and PCR clean-up is included in the plate sequencing service.

  • Ready to load services
  • This service is offered for pre-cycled sequencing reactions in single tubes or in plates. Eurofins Genomics carries out the dye terminator removal and run the DNA sequences on ABI 3730xl DNA analyzers under standard parameters.

  • Walking services
  • For all sequence analyses of regions which are larger than the read length of a single read we have:
    Single Strand Sequencing of plasmid DNA or PCR products
    Double Strand Sequencing of plasmid DNA or PCR products
    GLP-Compliant Sequencing

  • Included services
  • All our Sequencing services include
    Free standard vector primers
    Read lengths of up to 1100 Q20* bases
    Validation by internal quality control standards (ISO 9001:2008)
    Clipped and unclipped sequence results in FASTA format
    Quality report as *.pdf file for free
    Storage of sequence data for 100 days
    Free storage of custom synthesised primers for 30 days
    1 Q20: quality bases with a minimal medium score of 20 calculated by ABI’s Kb-base caller (comparable with PHRED)
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