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RAPD primers Kit

Eurofins Genomics’s RAPD 10mer Kits contain 10mer primers specifically developed for Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) analysis, a technique used for DNA fingerprinting and genetic mapping.

In the RAPD technique, a single 10mer of arbitrary sequence is used as a primer in PCR to amplify genomic DNA where the sequence of the DNA is completely unknown. Genomic DNA from different individuals gives different PCR products, allowing the identification of DNA polymorphisms that can be used to identify different individuals or as genetic markers.

The number of PCR products generated from each genomic DNA sample depends on the primer sequence, the genomic DNA sequence, and the genome size. Assuming that the priming sites of a 10mer RAPD primer are randomly distributed throughout a genome, the theoretical number of PCR products is approximately 2.5 x 10-9 x G, where G is the size of the haploid genome in base pairs. Using this calculation, a haploid genome of 2 x 109 bp, for example, is expected to give about 5 PCR products. This prediction is in close agreement with experimental results.

RAPD 10mers can simply be ordered via our Ecom system either as complete kits or as single primers.
Additionally, all relevant documentation are provided online free of charge
  • Oligo Synthesis Report
  • Delivery Note
  • Primer length: 10 bases
  • Available as single primers or complete kits
  • Delivery format: lyophilised
  • Quality control by:
    • OD measurement
    • CGE
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