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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

Where should I send my sequencing samples?

Eurofins Genomics has already installed hundreds of DropBoxes in Europe for free sample pick-up. Your nearest DropBox location with pick-up time is displayed in your account when you are logged in.

In case there is no Eurofins DropBox near you, please send your samples and primers to one of the following address: 

Eurofins Genomics
Sequencing Department
Anzinger Str. 7a
85560 Ebersberg
Eurofins Genomics
i54 Business Park
Valiant Way
Wolverhampton WV9 5GB
United Kingdom
Eurofins Genomics

Via B. Buozzi 2
20090 Vimodrone (MI)

Options for sending sequencing material are available under sample shipment.


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