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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

What Kind of Samples Can be Analysed?

The classical barcoding by Sanger sequencing is limited to pure samples or mixtures of at most 2 species, whereas the NGS approach can be used for the analysis of unknown mixtures with unlimited species numbers.

Regarding starting material you can send ready-to-sequence amplicon pools, purified DNA or source material.

Source material:

Fresh, frozen, and processed (canned, in oil, cooked (e.g. in ready meals)) food and feed products can be analysed. Additionally, the analysis of environmental samples (soil, water, feces…) is also possible. Please be aware that in the case of food and feed samples processing steps and additional ingredients in different formulas/recipes may also have an influence on the quality (integrity) of the bacterial DNA. Especially acidic ingredients (like vinegar) will degrade DNA. Samples should always be sent cooled or kept frozen.

Minimum quantity: 10 g of sample

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