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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Products And Services

What are the quality requirements for my RNA samples?

400 ng "total RNA" in 25 µl "nuclease-free ultra-pure" water

Does this service includes a sample QC?


What happens if a sample does not pass the QC?

QC-failed samples cannot be processed further. For such samples only the QC costs will be charged.
Sample status can be checked in your account ("MyOrders").

Can I send replacement samples?

If you would like to send replacement samples, use new barcode labels and place a new order in the Online shop

What do I need to include with my sample shipment?

Please print out the order confirmation page. You can also do that, when clicking in my orders on the confirmation page link.

How can I send my RNA samples?

We advise to send individual samples in 1.5 ml safe-lock tubes labelled with online registered bar code labels. Please ship on dry ice.

Where do I send my samples?

Eurofins Genomics
NGS WebServices
Anzinger Str. 7a
85560 Ebersberg

Are my samples multiplexed with other customer samples on the same lane?


Do you apply single or dual indices?

Dual indices are used.

How will I be informed about my order/samples status?

You will receive regular status updates in your personal account ("My Orders").
In case of questions contact support-eu@eurofins.com

How do I order new barcode lables?

To order new barcodes for your NGS project please click here.

What are the deliverables of the optional BioIT analysis ?


  • BAM files

Expression Profiling:

  • structured result files and tables for easy import into other applications
  • comprehensive analysis summary (PDF) including all analysis statistics
  • citations of software used and description of the applied methologies
  • IGV project files for direct acccess to graphical representation of results

Do you apply quality-filtering of FASTQ data?

No. FASTQ files are provided "as is".

How many reads/clusters per sample do I receive?

30 Mio clusters (equals 60 Mio PE reads) per sample on average

What is the estimated turnaround time?

20 working days

How will I receive my data files (data shipment)?

Data will be provided on our secure FTP server (FTPS). Please check our tutorial how to download

How long do you store my data?

Data will be available on our FTP server for 8 weeks. After this period, data is moved from the production filer. Access to archived data comes with extra costs.

Can I use my EVO card to order this service?


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